Restoring Dignity to Reentry

TRI  provides wraparound reentry support to those transitioning from incarceration into our community. We provide support and compassion with a professional staff to help each TRI member reenter the community. Through our Welcome Back Center, our Wellness Center and Aftercare support we respect our member’s dignity and help to build their self esteem.

The Welcome Back Center

Post-Release Servics offered through the Welcome Back Center include a wide spectrum of support depending on the needs of the member. It provides a safe place for members to go for case management and supporting their basic needs.

The Wellness Center

TRI introduced our Wellness Center in August 2020 to provide outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment services to members through individual therapy, group treatment, and coordinated therapeutic care.


We support our members even after they have completed the forma programs of The Reentry Initiative.  Through personalize aftercare we are commited to supporting our members as they confront the challenges of daily life.

… give them the tools they need to be able to have a productive, lucrative living when they leave so they can provide for their families and break that cycle of recidivism.

Valarie Jarrett, Sr. Advisor to President Barack Obama 2009 to 2017