Collective Impact Forum on Reentry

In Boulder County, key leaders from the county, courts, police, mental health, housing and human services agencies have put in place progressive drug courts, jail programming, mental health diversion programs, employment training, and a highly regarded probation department.  Even with these provisions, the lack of a comprehensive reentry vision and strategy for Boulder County and an organization to support it has made progress on successful reentry and reduced recidivism difficult.

To the returning offender with no reentry plan or means of support, the process of reentry is overwhelming – emotionally, cognitively, socially, materially and physically.  It is not a simple task to navigate alone the complicated system of service providers one must see for basic survival and mental stability not to mention housing, employment and family unification. There is a lack of coordinated, reentry-focused strategic management of efforts between the cities, Boulder County and relevant non-profits and agencies.  Because no one organization is charged with reentry, it makes coordination difficult

TRI believes it is time to bring together “grasstops” as well as the “grassroots” in Boulder County to address reentry, and we would like to help create and participate in a Collective Impact Forum on Reentry consisting of the backbone and partner agencies involved in reentry in Boulder County.

This forum can be modeled after a similar collective impact reentry forum in Contra Costa County, California, whose results have been studied by the Aspen Institute for Community Solutions.