TRI First Three's Graphic

Prior to release:

  • Through in-reach at the Boulder County Jail, Longmont Community Treatment Center (LCTC) and Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, women who will reenter within three to six months will learn about and apply for TRI reentry services.
  • Screen women desiring reentry services to select those meeting TRI criteria.
  • Provide pre-release planning for selected women reentering into Longmont.

The first 3 hours:

  • Meet individuals at the gate upon release
  • Pick up clients from LCTC, Boulder County Jail, or Denver Women’s Correctional Facility
  • Visit parole/probation office and other mandated agencies to fulfill parole requirements
  • Provide basic essentials for living, including hygiene items and housing vouchers
  • Perform intake at TRI office (Phase 1) and housing unit (in Phase 2)

The first 3 days:

  • Obtain identification (State ID or Driver’s License)
  • Obtain transportation resources, such as bicycle or bus pass
  • Apply for food stamps
  • Assist with acquiring clothing

The first 3 weeks:

  • Establish a routine activity schedule
  • Ensure regular attendance at relapse prevention classes & counseling sessions (group & individual)
  • Help to obtain employment

The first 3 months:

  • Provide financial counseling
  • Connect to resource to stabilize physical, mental, emotional, and social health
  • Ensure involvement in community service

We must remember always that the doors of prisons swing both ways.

Mary Belle Harris, First Female U.S. Federal Prison Warden