Housing for Women Leaving Prison

The Challenge:

The two most important and immediate factors to promote successful reentry are employment and housing. Without both, the chances of a successful reintegration are significantly reduced. A person’s criminal history will prevent her from finding employment while limited housing options will create a significant barrier to being able to survive outside the prison walls.

Our Solution:

Successful graduates of TRI’s pre-release program will quality for these options:

  • Women paroling to the Denver metro areas will be linked up with referrals to sober and safe housing options.
  • Women paroling directly to Boulder County will be eligible to apply to the TRI house. For more information about the TRI house please email info@reentryinitiative.org.

Housing is key to success.

In one study, returning citizen respondents reported sleeping in the following places upon release:

respondents lived in
transitional housing

on the street

emergency shelter

domestic violence shelter