Journey Home Campaign

The two most important and immediate factors in a returning citizen’s successful reintegration are employment and housing.  Without both, the risk of recidivism (returning to prison) and relapse increase significantly. A person’s criminal history can prevent her from finding employment while severely limited housing options will create a significant barrier to survival outside the prison walls.

Home is also what creates a sense of security for people. With a safe, affordable, and sober living option, women can focus on transforming their lives and regaining their dignity and humanity while also contributing to our local community in positive ways. In November of 2017, The Reentry Initiative welcomed its first woman into the TRI Apartment. There is now a waitlist of dozens more needing this critical support.

Help us secure additional housing in 2018 to ensure all women returning to this community have a safe place to support their reentry.

How You Can Help

By making a major gift of $500 – $5,000, your contribution will make a large difference in this effort. This may be a great opportunity for your company to get involved, too! Click here more info.