Empowering Women Transitioning from Incarceration to Society


To empower women to successfully transition from incarceration to a restored life in society.


Restore lives, reconcile families, and renew communities through preeminent pre-and post-release programming, servicing, and housing opportunities.

By 2019, TRI will have served 250 women returning from prison and jail with an established rigorous evaluation system for measuring outcomes.

By 2021, TRI will also provide eight beds for transitional supportive housing, showing measurable reductions in recidivism.

By 2023, TRI will expand its preeminent evidence based hosing and reentry services to provide 50 transitional and permanent supportive housing units to women reentering from incarceration.


Collaboration, Accountability, Service, Equipping, Integrity

  • We value collaboration because we know we cannot do it alone nor are we meant to. We collaborate with offenders who ultimately need to make better choices.  We collaborate with agencies, individuals, loved ones of the incarcerated, and faith communities to ensure we set up our clients for a successful reintegration.
  • We value accountability both in our business practices and from our clients. We know the importance of good stewardship of our limited resources and responsibility to invest in people who are willing to do anything and everything to thrive upon release. We hold ourselves ac countable to our constituents with our time, talents, energy, and resources.
  • We value service because we know our role as servant leaders to our donor partners, change agents-volunteers, clients, and partners. We are here to serve the community, making a positive difference.
  • We value the concept of equipping because we know we must provide the right tools, education, and practices that equip ourselves, our change agents, and clients to be a catalyst for success.
  • Integrity is an absolute essential as it defines not only our personhood but our organization’s business practices. Strong moral principles and ethics allows you to develop a relationship of trust that brings confidence and excellence.