The women we get to know come from all locations, ages, races, classes, ethnicities, education levels, gender identities, faith traditions, and sexual orientations. None of these women ever dreamed as little girls that they would grow up and go to prison. These women dreamed of loving relationships, families, good jobs, being someone of value. Many women wrestle with memories or memory blockages from childhood trauma. Still others have suffered abuse of all types from unhealthy relationship with partners or parents. The effects of trauma are evident in much of their behavior. Many have masked the demons of depression, PTSD and other forms of mental illness with drugs and alcohol and have become addicted. Moreover, they have not had the proper treatment or support to get sober and stay clean.

So many mothers in prison suffer greatly from the loss of their children and yearn to reconnect and heal these relationships with loved ones when they get out. They face overwhelming hurdles to get their lives back on track.

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