We believe that the Pre-Release Program The Reentry Initiative provides will lay the foundation for successful reentry into our community. The skills our women gain will help them to navigate their transition to self-sufficiency.

6 Month Pre–Release Program at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (DWCF)

TRI staff and DWCF personnel work together for a referral and interview process based on specific criteria for the Pre-Release Program. Up to 12 women at DWCF are chosen every 6 months to participate in the Program if they meet our criteria. This program uses a Cognitive-Behavioral Based approach to decrease criminogenic thinking and increase their ability to make healthier decisions.
  • A 6 month, University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute-Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (UCCI-CBI) program delivered by The Reentry Initiative.
  • Inmates attend classes 2 hours twice a week.
  • Inmates will be offered case management in conjunction with their DWCF Case Manager and a transition plan to prepare for release.


Post-Release Transitional Services (Denver Metro Area)

  • Clients will receive individualized Transition Plans prior to release from DWCF.
  • Clients will receive a Welcome Backpack.
  • TRI will ensure the Client wil meet with Parole Officer.
  • TRI will offer the Client a Mentor for a year post release.
  • TRI will offer ongoing case management services at the Client’s request up to 1 year post release (six months – one year).


Post-Release TRI Transitional House (Boulder County/Longmont)

TRI offers a transitional housing program from six months to one year upon release from incarceration.  While in TRI’s transitional housing, clients will receive:

  • a carefully created individualized success plan.
  • a Welcome Backpack.
  • transportation from release to Parole office to TRI’s Housing.
  • outpatient mental health/substance use classes through community mental health centers.
  • a TRI provided mentor.
  • access to aid in finding employment.
  • case management support.
  • Medical/mental health consultation.
  • Aid in successfully complying with Parole requirements.