Pre-Release Support Increases Success Rate Upon Reentry

Triumph Pre-Release: Denver Women’s Correctional Facility

Since 2016, TRI has  provided a year-long voluntary reentry program called TRIumph inside Denver Women’s Corrections Facility (DWCF).  It includes an 8-month evidenced based cognitive behavioral treatment curriculum, individual mental health counseling, and collaborative transition planning with case managers.

Our model of care is unique. We offer comprehensive treatment prior to release in conjunction with continuum of care and support into their communities’.  We are the only agency in Colorado who has developed a program providing clinical services for up to 2 years inside and up to 3 years post release. Our services include:

Pre-Release Treatment Services

  • 8-month Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Curriculum: TRI has facilitators trained in the University of Cincinnati Research Institute, Core Competencies, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Curriculum. This program addresses criminal thinking behavior, mental health and substance abuse challenges.  It was developed for individuals who have a history of criminal behavior and incarceration.
  • Individual Therapeutic Sessions: Somatic Resourcing, Mindfulness training, Trauma Psychoeducation and General Processing and Coping Skill Practice

Pre-Release Transition Care Planning Services

  • Individual Transition Planning Sessions: A TRI Care Manager meets with each member to assess, develop, and submit parole plans to the parole board for reentry. Managers are trained to evaluate and work individually developing these comprehensive release plans to help the member reach self-sufficiency.  They help guide the member in developing this plan which provides resources, information, assessment and the best clinical judgement of the individual’s needs upon release.
  • Additional Workshops:  Life Skills training which includes, skill building in daily living activities, resume building, mock interviewing, yoga, creative writing/journaling, and community resource education.