Pre-Release Support Increases Success Rate Upon Reentry

The United States incarcerates more people than any other country and Colorado is 23rd in the US with a rate of 356 per 100,000 people sentenced to a year or more behind bars in 2016. Colorado’s challenge continues with a high recidivism rate of 50% as compared to a 37% national rate.

Reducing recidivism for the women coming out of Denver Women’s Corrections Facility (DWCF) begins with TRI’s Pre-Release program, TRIumph.

Twice a year, TRI selects 12-13 women at the facility to participate in TRIumph which includes:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based on The University of Cincinnati Research Institute curriculum and delivered twice weekly by Reentry Initiative trainers and staff who are UCCI-CBI certified.
  • Individual Transition Planning to help our women develop their individual parole plan.
  • Individual Therapeutic Sessions which integrates somatic resourcing, mindfulness, trauma psychoeducation, along with general processing and coping skills practice.
  • Additional Workshops that focus on life skills, resume building, mock interviews, trauma informed yoga and resource education.
  • Post Release Transition Services providing inside to outside care to support the transition back into the community.

Cognitive-behavioral interventions (CBIs) can significantly reduce recidivism through understanding and changing the thinking patterns that can lead to criminal behavior

Our 8-month pre-release program uses

Evidence-based practices

Tools to change thought and behavior

Effective interventions