Pre- and Post-Release Support

TRI’s success relies on a multi-phase process.  Our programs and services include pre-release support through a six-month pre-release course inside Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, followed by post-release wraparound transitional services.

6-Month Pre-Release Program

TRI staff and Denver Women’s Correctional Facility personnel work together to refer and interview candidates who meet specific criteria for the Pre-Release Program called TRIumph. Up to 12 women at DWCF are chosen every 6 months to participate in the training program which uses the evidence-based University of Cincinnati Research Institute Core Competencies Curriculum. This program uses a cognitive behavioral approach to decrease criminogenic thinking patterns and increase a participant’s ability to make healthier decisions.

Post-Release Transitional Services at the Welcome Back Center

Upon release from  Denver Women’s Correctional Facility our participants receive one of our Welcome Backpacks and begin work with TRI professionals. Much of this important work begins at the Welcome Back Center.

Post-Release TRI Transitional House (Boulder County/Longmont)

The two most important and immediate factors to promote successful reentry are employment and housing. Without them, the chances of a successful reintegration are significantly reduced. Female parolees who are residing in Longmont are eligible for the TRI house program.

… give them the tools they need to be able to have a productive, lucrative living when they leave so they can provide for their families and break that cycle of recidivism.

Valarie Jarrett, Sr. Advisor to President Barack Obama 2009 to 2017