Post-Release Transitional Services at the Welcome Back Center

We recently opened our Welcome Back Center, which is intended to serve post-release services to over 70 individuals on parole per year in Longmont and surrounding areas. Services we offer include life skills classes towards self-sufficiency, referrals for mental health and substance abuse treatment. We also provide backpacks filled with basic hygiene and toiletries, financial assistance for education, employment and housing, group support specifically for individuals with a high risk criminal history and transitional housing for eligible women referred through Longmont parole.

Resources are the Key to Successful Reentry

Life Skills Classes

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Housing and Employment Advising

Financial Assistance for Education

The Welcome Back Center applies the following WAGEES guidelines to  referrals in determining eligibility for services:

  • Individuals on parole who are assessed by CDOC, or their designee, as being “medium-risk” or “high-risk” for recidivism, or,
  • Individuals under CDOC supervision at a community corrections facility (not including diversion) who are assessed by CDOC, or their designee, as being “medium-risk” or “high-risk” for recidivism
  • Individuals released and discharged from a CDOC facility on a mandatory release date and that are not on parole. These individuals do not need to be assessed by CDOC as being “medium-risk” or “high-risk” for recidivism.

If you feel you may not meet eligibility requirements please contact us for a consultation during these walk-in hours Monday – Wednesday 9 am – 2 pm. To be screened for eligibility, please email the following referral information to

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • DOC #