A Promise Kept After Three Years

TRI Executive Director Emily and Care Manager Anita hardly noticed the chill on that Tuesday morning outside the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility. The two were there to keep their promise and meet TRI member “Rachel” at the prison gates on her release day.

Rachel walked out of the gates that morning into a warm embrace from Emily. This moment had been years in the making, since Emily began working with Rachel in 2018. During that time, Rachel actively participated in the TRIumph Pre-Release program, met regularly with TRI staff, and stayed focused on building a positive future for herself.

First, the group refueled with coffee, as both Emily and Rachel shared that the anticipation of the day had woken them at 4 a.m. After coffee, they headed to the Longmont parole office where the staff greeted Rachel and the TRI team, took care of some logistics and even shared a few laughs. The parole staff were warm and friendly, reassuring Rachel that she has a great support team ready to help her.

Next up was a stop at the TRI Shop, where Rachel’s mentor Vicki joined them and Rachel was able to get some clothing, hygiene and household items provided by some of TRI’s donors. Emily snapped this photo of their embrace! Vicki has mentored Rachel for over two years and has helped Rachel plan for her life on the outside.

For her first meal, Rachel requested Lucile’s Creole Cafe, where everyone shared laughs, memories and updates over Eggs Benedict. A stop at the TRI office to pick up items collected for Rachel and to set her up with a donated cell phone and other incidentals rounded out the day.

It truly takes a community to achieve a successful release day like Rachel’s. From the donated cell phone, the attentive parole staff, and the time and encouragement of volunteer mentor Vicki, all are integral to each member’s success.


We’re honored to help Rachel take her first steps back into freedom and cannot wait to see the incredible things she does over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates on her progress!

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