TRI ED Meets Newest Member “Outside the Gates” for an Early Christmas Present

We are so thrilled to celebrate our newest member of TRIumph Class 3, “Amy,” who was released from prison the day before Christmas after serving two years! While COVID has stopped our staff from teaching our weekly Pre-Release course in prison, TRI staff has continued to connect with our women and their wonderful hardworking Department of Corrections case managers through telehealth appointments. During those calls, TRI continues to support our women with transition planning, financial and tangible supports for stable housing, employment, and access to resources upon release.

TRI’s Executive Director, Emily Kleeman, spent the day with Amy, (social distancing and wearing PPE!) providing her with a hand-selected wardrobe from our TRI Shop collection, a welcome backpack filled with personal hygiene items and goodies, a new smartphone to reconnect with family and friends, and a personal escort to her new home in the Denver Metro Area.

This day was months in the making, as we worked with Amy prior to release and followed through with our promise to meet her the day of release, regardless of the current state of affairs.  Not even a pandemic can stop our work!

We’re so proud to report that within a few days of her release, Amy had landed a job, was engaged in services through partner-WAGEES programs in her area, and she was working towards her goals of self-sufficiency. We weren’t the least bit surprised; Amy put in the hard work before her release to set herself up for success. She earned it!

When speaking with Amy, she had this to say, “OMG! I’m so blessed. I went and got my stuff yesterday and did a lot of laundry, just settled in, zoomed with my daughter A LOT! You will be so proud of how I am adjusting. I love all the girls here! Haven’t felt this blessed in a while!”

TRI is so proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our men and women. We’re honored to walk with each of them wherever they are in their reentry journey, and we invite you to join us. With your support, we can continue helping members like Amy rebuild their lives.

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