TRI Member George is headed to the World Skate Championships

TRI Member George Pappas will be competing in the World Skate Championships in Argentina, October 2022. Read more about him here:

Skateboard racing has been my passion since I won my first race when I was 13. Now I am on track to be the ‘Wayne Gretsky’ of Slalom Skateboarding! In addition to winning the 2009 Overall World Skate Slalom Title, I AM THE CURRENT US SKATEBOARD SLALOM CHAMPION, and I have been absolutely dominating the US race circuit this season, with 2 first overall and two second overall finishes in the four races this summer! I have been training at peak level with my sights on taking home the World Title in Argentina next month. From there I want to elevate and promote the sport and ensure that it becomes an event in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics!

I believe I have an incredible story to tell. It’s the All American comeback! I just got off parole this year after serving 5 years of a 13 year sentence. I am 6 years clean and sober, and running a sober living home in Boulder. On top of that I am absolutely killing it on the skate slalom scene. (for a more granular insight into my story, listen to my podcast on FNRAD snowboard podcasts)

I want to inspire people to believe that no matter how bad things get, there’s always time to turn it around. I want to go to Argentina and prove beyond any doubt that I’m the best slalom skateboarder in the world!

I’ll need some help to get there, I just want a chance to prove that my story is worth getting behind. I’m grateful and humbled for this opportunity.


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  • Rachel Bjork Posted October 12, 2022 9:48 am

    George you already inspire people to be strong. At least you do that for me. Your quest to be the best inspires me to be better,stronger and informed. You remind me to have compassion yet stand my ground when needed. So i will be here waiting to hear you say “I am the best! I did it!” Proud to have you as my friend!

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