“From Surviving to Thriving”

We’re Hiring!

TRI is seeking a full-time Wellness Center Program Manager, Clinical Therapist to provide program management, oversight of the Wellness Center, therapeutic services, and related activities. Learn more about the position and apply here.

What is The Reentry Initiative?

Founded in 2016, The Reentry Initiative is recognized for its unique, evidence-based process supporting individuals who are reentering the community from incarceration. In just four short years, TRI has evolved into a full-service organization.  Prior to COVID we offered a six-month pre-release course inside Denver Women’s Correctional Facility along with trauma and addiction treatment and other mental health counseling, which we will continue as soon as we are allowed back into the facility. At our Welcome Back Center in Longmont, we support both men and women by offering post-release wraparound services.

Based in Boulder County, Colorado, The Reentry Initiative empowers individuals as they transition from incarceration to a fulfilling and meaningful life. TRI is 1 of 19 reentry programs in Colorado funded by WAGEES to work with men and women parolees.  Upon release we provide mental health and substance abuse treatment, classes on self-sufficiency and connect participants with mentors and as well as housing, transportation, and employment. TRI is one of two programs in the state working with female inmates and the only one in Boulder County offering comprehensive wraparound services.


A Home

A Community

A Family

A Future

Why do we do what we do?

Because . . . No matter what mistakes people have made, they can positively transform their lives and regain respect. We believe:
  • if given support, treatment and responsibility, people can break the cycle of crime and incarceration.
  • that with the tools, individuals can change their lives, their communities and their stories.
  • in justice that restores and heals.

Simply punishing the broken—walking away from them or hiding them from sight–only ensures that they remain broken, and we do too. There is no wholeness outside of our reciprocal humanity.

Bryan Stevenson “Just Mercy`