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Therapeutic Services

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Services are available for fully enrolled members.

Our out-patient clinic focuses on holistic wellness practices. By holistic, we refer to a view that human lives are multi-dimensional and acknowledges that each of these dimensions - physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc., must be addressed if the member is to develop high-quality, sustainable recovery from criminal behavior and the substance abuse and mental health issues (including trauma) that underlie this behavior. 


We offer services that have not historically been covered by insurance under behavioral health – such as yoga, cathartic dance, gardening, nutrition education, music therapy and song circles, spiritual care, access to a full-service gym membership, acupuncture and reiki. Many of our group therapies meet the requirements of your journey on probation and parole.


  • Individual and group therapies

  • Substance Use and addiction counseling

  • Building Resiliency/Healing Trauma

  • Recovery Classes

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Parenting Classes

  • Prosocial activities - gym memberships, nutrition classes, art and music therapies etc.


All services are provided free of charge to our enrolled members on probation and parole and based on a co-created individual service plan for the specific needs of your journey. 

“It’s helped all of my anxiety of getting everything done in an orderly fashion. Everyone is super friendly and genuinely eager to help.”



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