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From Surviving to Thriving

The Reentry Initiative offers a unique, evidence-based process that combines mental health and substance abuse treatment with comprehensive support services to individuals on probation and parole in the St. Vrain Valley region of Boulder County, Colorado. Our wrap-around approach ensures justice-involved adults thrive in the community without reoffending.


Holistic Programs for Thriving Reentry

TRI provides comprehensive, clinical case management to individuals post-release. Because we utilize a therapeutic lens we call it "care" management. Services include membership in a supportive community, assistance with obtaining necessary documents, access to employment and housing services, life skill classes, incentives for achievements, and referrals to outside programs.

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TRI provides resources such as a hygiene backpack for reentry comfort, seasonal clothing, shoes, and accessories to suit individual styles, gently used household goods for furnishing new homes, and financial support dependent on full enrollment in the program.

Our outpatient clinic offers holistic wellness practices and trauma-informed care. Services include individual and group therapies, substance use and addiction counseling, building resiliency/healing trauma, recovery classes, dialectical behavior therapy, parenting classes, and prosocial activities like gym memberships, nutrition classes, and art and music therapies. These services are provided free to our members on probation and parole.

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Kind words from our community

“It’s helped all of my anxiety of getting everything done in an orderly fashion. Everyone is super friendly and genuinely eager to help.”



“I have a family member who suffers from mental illness who has been in jail on multiple occasions. I have seen that working to heal past trauma and help individuals become self-sustaining members of society who are proud of their contributions is a much better way to reduce crime and prevent recidivism than ever-increasing punitive measures. TRI has an amazing staff doing incredible work in this regard and I hope to help the organization make more of an impact going forward.”


Board Member

“I can either keep doing things the way I’ve been and keep disappointing the people that depend on me. Or I can actually try to do something productive and hope that gets mimicked and we all get set up for success.”


Staff, Peer, former member

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